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PraxisQuarterly Literary Review and Membership Drive Off To Slow Start

Xenia : October 4, 2011 7:06 pm : Announcements


When I was in Eugene, recently,  I had a fundraising consultation with friend, Eric Dahl concerning the PraxisQuarterly Literary Review.  He made a very good observation. We don’t have a product to show to people in terms of our magazines…Just the name.  This is one thing that I am seeking to remedy. After that conversation,  I have conducted two interviews, one with an Orthodox supporter of Community Sustainable Agriculture Jeremy Johns, and another with an artist in California who has a unique gift in creating art with an Iconic style using a burnt-etching wood technique.

Also I am developing other stories,  I will try and have samples of the Ekonomos Weekly in the next four weeks with these stories.

Until then, I am suspending the poet submission campaign, and the membership drive.  The Poet Submission Campaign will resume in the future.

I am a little stretched, so please forgive me, and thank you all for your support!!!!  It is so much very appreciated. We are talking to a potential boardmember, and I am meeting with two other potential contributors of the Ekonomos Weekly, one a psychologist, and another a sigma project planner manager at a major bank.

Two New People On Board

In other developments we are working on meeting with Vivyan Adair, noted welfare reform scholar, and we want to thank Tiffany King for being interested in helping low income women organize their space.  And she comes with great credentials.  Also I want to thank Valerie Laubenheimer for agreeing to help with graphics and promotions!!!!!

Commitment to the Social Business Model

We will update you regularly about the various start-up seed/& development fundraising projects we have going on.  It is very hard for social business model organizations to raise funds in this difficult time and age, especially someone not coming from a privileged background but a background which I understand is known as life recovery, (thanks to Bryan Dahms of the FOCUS North America organization for educating on that regard)–which means from your experience you have learnt something that can be shared with others, who have went through what you have gone through.  Nonetheless, I am committed to the social business model, and HSEKI is  finding funding avenue streams that is not dependent on HSEKI being an 501(c) non profit.  Nonetheless,  HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute is committed to having board members/advisors be a part of our social business model, but we will not be incorporating as a non-profit at this time.

Start Date of  Prodigal Daughter Course

We have pushed back the start of the The Prodigal Daughter Class because we have been forced to be focused on fundraising efforts-and a potentially fatal illness in my biological family-but we are committed to teaching the first class through the Family Place, in April 2012.



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Stephanie Black

Xenia : September 23, 2011 5:08 pm : Announcements

Filmmaker Stephanie Black, Director of the award winning film, Life and Debt, has agreed to be a keynote speaker to the Ekonomia, Ecologia and Sustainability Symposium in Utica, New York which will be held at the Resource for Independent Living.  The date will be the 18th of November and we have decided to have two venues.  One is an catered event,  that will feature Jamaican cuisine, and the other event is non-catered, and will  have a live feed, of the Key Note Speaker and Panelist, and have a general admission price tag.   Times and Cost tba.

This fundraiser is to raise funds to provide scholarships so that low income clients  and clients who receive Temporary Assistance For Needy Families grants can take the Prodigal Daughter course, in April 2012.  I just came from a meeting with the Fundraising committee at the Family Nurturing Center, and in a few days will be able to announce ticket costs, where the second venue is, and also where you can get the tickets.  The HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute is looking forward to having the community sharing in this edifying experience, because what we are experiencing now is not unlike the denizens in the story the Grapes of Wrath, by authour John Stein…Ms. Black’s film’s microcosm look at the IMF’s policy on the economy of Jamaica is indicative of how Global based policies are affecting everyday citizens, no matter what race, or ethnicity,  even in the United States. 

The Family Place has been committed to working with families experiencing adverse economic events for 25 years,  and is a pioneer in offering the services that they offer to needy families.  The HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute, is a new organization, collaborating with the Family Place to offer household managment skills to women.



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Fundraising Stuff We are Working On!

Xenia : August 31, 2011 1:32 pm : Announcements

Well, we’ve done alot that needs noting! Very Important to Note, Father Gerasimos agreed to be advisor to the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute, (HSEKI), we partnered with an awesome social services agency, the Family Place, a program of the Family Nurturing Center, and Tim Janis agreed to perform for us a benefit concert!!!!

Toni Childs also expressed strong interest in a summer concert and we’ve talked to Jason Safford of Gelston Castle Estate about other acts for a one day concert in the Summer, 2012, here in Central New York.  We are very excited about this development. This will help us hire staff for three years to work on the three magazines, PraxisQuarterly Literary Review, Ekonomos Weekly, and the Journal of Ekonomia.

We have  just participated in the St. Moses the Black Ancient Christianity Conference, and it was very fruitful on many levels to have been an attendee of the conference. Slava Bogu!!! And HSEKI also got to attend the Dormition Feast Day of the Most Holy Mother of God at the Assumption Church in Ferndale, Michigan!!!!

Also we’ve been granted a blessing to re-create a poster that is located at the St. Xenia Skete in Wildwood, California to fundraise on behalf of the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute, and in gratitude for this blessing, we will designate 25% of proceeds from the sale of the Poster, the Postcard, and the wallet size card to the St. Xenia Skete.  Proceeds will go toward i  establishing a St. Xenia Travelers and Household Needs Funds and providing for salary for Executive Director of HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute.








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Mom, Mental Disabilities and Life

Xenia : July 8, 2011 6:51 pm : Announcements, the Blog

christina's world, wyeth

Is Schizophrenia a mental disability, or is it a psycho-social, emotive and cognitive response to trauma? I was taught to think of it in the latter terminology, and it has helped me get to a place of developing a compassionate criteria in getting to know my mother, who was recently diagnosed with colon cancer, and is refusing treatment. I really don’t know her, but everyone who looks at a photograph I have of her, smiles, and their smiles are genuine and warm–and they can’t get over how young and youthful she seems.

And in truth, she seems like a very wise child, with an orphan’s resiliancy and approach to life that has her three plus one daughters marvelling at her survival skills, even though those same survival skills seem at times excessively narcissitic and selfish, but someone, anyone of us, is able to assist her at some time in her many crisis events, mostly dealing with the electric bill or the phone bill.

My mom’s way of dealing with her recent diagnosis is to deny, deny, deny. And if that fails, stare malignantly at anybody trying to convince her that undergoing treatment will be a good thing. At the last resort, walk out of the doctor’s office in the middle of the consultation, feigning a bathroom break, and into the mall, and tell the youngest (who is actually the only hands on person in this event)-that she doesn’t want to talk about it-and threaten to walk away, embarrassing her in front of a few hundred folks.

My youngest sister is used to dealing with being embarrassed. She has a child who has been diagnosed with autism. She doesn’t like to talk about it, but at times has let it slip that she has to put her guard up dealing with the exuberant enthusiasm the child has for meeting strangers in public places, and the resulting awkwardness. (Yes, I know autistic children are supposed to be withdrawn and hard to communicate with–but you have to know my sister to understand how she might be able to draw this child out of her shell).

Through it all, I’m amazed at how the three of us have handled this latest event in our lives. The thing of it is, we three involved in the discussion on caring for my mom are not fighting, or rather, there are very short little snarkies that we don’t allow to get out of control. I feel that all of us in our own way are learning to rely on God, to see us and our mom through this. But we are not the only ones. As I speak, acquaintances of mine are undergoing or have just finished undergoing surgery for either cancer or back issues. The back issue is also intense–dealing with the fusing of some bones! My best friend, who was once my therapist, this past year, just survived two bouts of cancer. A priest’s wife I know recently gave birth to a beautiful baby, only to find out that her body is riddled with an aggressive form of cancer. It’s either cancer or back pain, or Parkinson’s or sumthin!!!!

Did I mention the God word? These days, practicing one’s Faith can become a liability, as I am currently experiencing now–on top of it all, I’m creating the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute. But I realise that even this challenge to my desire to practice my Faith, is a form of chastening, and cleansing, and a way to deepen the Faith in God. Since I come from a background of being abused this harassment by my landlord,  is very difficult for me to bear–but today I saw some rainbows. And as I walked into an odds and ends antique store, I found an unopen cassette tape of Andre Segovia’s, my former classical guitar teacher Patricio Contrero’s former teacher. And I was able to get it for only $1.00. I guess the rainbows was a way that God was showing me that I’m not alone and I hope that my friends undergoing their private ‘cleansings’ recognize those moments where God is showing them that they are not alone, either.

Some of us have some risk management protection, and some of us did not–The financial burden of these trials will also tax our Faith in God, who exhorts us that we are more precious than the swallows, and yet not one swallow falls without His knowing. God is concerned with how we fall, whether we fall down on our knees in grace, or whether we become embittered and distrustful. It is easy for me to succomb to the latter state—however, I’m finally learning not to tread that path–that no matter what my risk management umbrella-whether I have a stash, a place, or insurance–nothing covers us as God does. In prayer, and supplication, we implore His mercy, and in response–He grants our deepest desires.

“Take therefore no thought for the morrow:  for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself.  Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof”.

Matt 6:34

The 17th of August is a national holiday in Guinea, Africa.  In 1977, It was the day where women,  who generate income from their homes by trading, selling at the market, and working small businesses from their homes,  successfully protested the market police in Guinea and laws there that prohibited private trade.

Slava Bogu.

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PraxisQuarterly Literary Contest Begins!

Xenia : April 15, 2011 7:36 am : Announcements

FAITH IN ACTION  Enter PraxisQuarterly Literary Contest

CURRENT NEWS!!!< strong>Invite Only – First Meeting of HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute at Jordanville

Picasso: Woman With A Fan

How the Prodigal Daughter Course was Born, and Birthed the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute

The Prodigal Daugther course teaches household management skills using tools such as project managment planning, bookkeeping principles and techniques, and filing system skills. The Prodigal Daugher Course, was created about 4 years ago in Eugene, Oregon, and went under a different name called the St. Xenia Women’s LifeSkill Management Course.

On the 5th of January 2011, xenia lynn teresa williams, decided to develop and start a business she was challenged to create by Fr. Gerasimos of St. George the Great Martyr Greek Orthodox Church.  She had been meeting weekly with him to discuss the direction her life was taking. She had complained that she felt there was a need to develop a program to help women such as herself who had experienced domestic trauma in the lives, and who wanted to learn some basic house management skills. She started describing what it was like to emerge from being depressed and enslaved from post traumatic stress disorder symptoms, only to fine one’s life’s skills were not so great. She was surprised when he told her to go home and create her own program. That was what she did, she showed it to him, and they were in the process of creating a facilitating group, when she was asked to work on a political campaign and to move to Washington D.C. to do so. With his blessing and with the blessing of her spiritual mother, Abbess Eufraxia, she did so. After work on that campaign, she moved to North Carolina to live with her mother, and then hitched hiked to New York, City to attend the Mother of the Sign Cathedral where the Kursk Icon was.

While attending St. Sergius of Radonezh English Mission, she started a women’s group where women studied the lives of the saint. While her efforts to begin a Bible Study at the Cathedral met with opposition, after about a year, three awesome young men, Daniel, Gabriel and Sergei, help to organized what is now a successful Bible Study with the blessing of Metropolitan Hilarion and with the leadership participation of Fr. Nikolai.

After much trials and tribulation, ms. williams decided to return to her idea of starting a women’s group to learn household management and life skills, and the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute was brought into existence.

About ten women will be present at the meeting at Jordanville. What is cool about these women, (yes, I did use the word cool)
is that they are practicing Orthodox women, who have at least 5-25 years in the field of social work counseling, drug and alcohol counseling, insurance, banking, childhood education, project managment planning, pilates, and bookkeeping counseling, professors and authours. They have operated their own businesses, have been active in the Orthodox and surrounding communities thus they bring extraodinary variety and wealth of experience to the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute. They are in their forties, some are married, and have support of their husbands, and some are single with children. This is important because we want to include students who are married, divorced, single with or without children, women from at risk behaviours, women who survived domestic violence or childhood abuse, refugees, and displaced housewives. Anybody can come an take the Prodigal Daughter Course which will teach household managment skill, but we want to include the aforemention population!

A few women have been with this project from the beginning and this meeting is so that all involved can meet each other, and share their experiences, and roll up their sleeves and get to work, expressing Faith in this very active way. They are women who see the need for such an organization as the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute; at the meeting they will get a closer look at the creator /founder of the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute, and also a closer look at those that have pledge their services as suppport providers. The meeting is essentially a get to know you meeting, where the outline of the Institute and its objectives and services will be discussed. The goal is to develop team comaraderie. There will be a second meeting in August, and that one will be a 3 day weekend, designed by with the help, hopefully, of OutWard Bound. (Mountain-Wall Climbing or Horseback riding!) The women who are coming to the meeting immediately understood the concept of offering to women a safe and nurturing place to learn new skills for the home via addressing the emotional side of the learning experience by providing a support system that encouraged women to learn how to take care of themselves in healthy ways. They were also excited about how these skills could transfer into the work environment and also how they could help women learn skills that will enable them not only to enter the workforce if they wanted to , but to start up their own businesses. HSEKI concentrates on improving home management skills because we understand that the home is where solid economic practices are learnt and taught, and that these lessons will move out into the larger community. “The home economy is the hearth of any nation’s economy”, Williams stated emphatically.

women working, rodriguez hilario

These women will be the backbone of the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute, and their work behind the scene to develop classes, workshops and seminars for women, their families and their communities will really speak to their dedication to the effort.  Besides the women who will be present at the meeting the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute is pleased to have on board as a provider, Roberta Rose Kirschenbaum, director of the Rolates Pilates Center here in New York, and also Manny Colon, owner of Bookkeeping Center, Inc, also here in New York.  They both have a long presence in the New York City area providing social services through volunteering to at risk populations, and low income populations. Willams said that “we welcome them on board as valued providers and fellow innovators with what HSEKI is trying to acheive in the lives of the women it seeks to serves”.

The PraxisQuarterly Literary Review, is a way that HSEKI, supports the creative side of women, and provides a forum for women to showcase their fiction and poetry writing skills, as well as their visual art skills. Once a year, Spring Edition, submissions will be open to both men and women. 

It is hard for start-ups with an innovative approach to raise funds to begin their efforts, and the institute does admit, its approach is quite innovative.  It will combine cultural anthropological research, counseling, and  educational resources in one entity. Its unique perspective that embraces the spirituality of the human being, that structural aspect of human beings that inform how they adapt to stresses in their environoment, is an essential component of its approach to helping women learn to help themselves. We believe that adaptation happens, and that it can happen for the good of society or for the worse.   Williams stated ” that when women can access their selves in a holistic manner, they will be able to make better decisions that are good for them, that are good for their families, and good for their communities. We hope that everyone who reads this will want to participate in our fundraiser and submission acquistion contest.  We will greatly appreciate this support from our community”. 


The HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute exists solely to provide cultural research and educational social services to women, their families, and their communites.  We want to offer low cost services and to be able to fund our research efforts.  We created this petition to help us in our start-up efforts in this, and want to conduct our first classes in Fall, 2011, and also to be able to launch our magazines, which will help to keep costs low for the students.  By entering the PraxisQuarterly Literary Review, you will have another venue to showcase your work, introduce yourself to an appreciative audience, and you will be provided a very unique and needed service to women, their families and their communites.
// ]]>

Please check out the  Online Fundraising/Manuscript Solicitation Guidelines.

Submit Your ArtWork and Short Fiction Now! $5.00 per submission or go to PraxisQuarterly Literary Contest Page, and Donate any amount!

a title=”PraxisQuarterly Literary and Art Contest” href=””>http:/

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Help Our Brethren In Japan

Xenia : March 18, 2011 9:57 pm : Announcements

Subject: Please help our fellow Orthodox Christians in Japan!
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 12:13:51 -1000
Dear beloved in Christ,

I wanted to inform everyone of a special fund establish by the Fund for Assistance of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia for the Japanese Orthodox Church.

I realize many of us ask ourselves, “what can we do to help”? Well, prayer is the greatest gift we can give, yet another way we can help is by the simple act of opening up our wallets, especially during difficult times. We can help those who are struggling and/or in need, giving to those who have less than we do. This is one of Christ’s chief commandments for us; to open our hearts and to love those as we would love ourselves.

With the kind permission of the Executive Director of the Fund for Assistance, we have added to our parish website, information on how to donate to our fellow Orthodox Christians in Japan. Please log on to: and click, “PLEASE HELP!”. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the aid of the Orthodox in Japan, via the Fund for Assistance.

This hits home for us here in Hawaii, several of our parishioners have relatives in Japan, including our Matushka, who was born and raised in Tokyo, thank God, her family is safe. But many others are suffering, and still others are missing.

May God have mercy on the suffering Japanese people!

In Christ’s love,
Rdr. Nectarios, from Hawaii
Holy Theotokos of Iveron Russian Orthodox Church
Honolulu, Hawaii

“God will not glorify the souls of those who seek human honor or recognition”
-St. Irene Chrysovalantou

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the laws of Christ.”
-Galatians 6:2

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Check Out our Ekonomia, Ecologia and Self Awareness Symposium

heartsoul : March 16, 2011 9:44 pm : Announcements

In the new age of women’s empowerment, many of us feel a bit out of sorts and are trying to navigate self within the realm of so many possibilities.  The Ekonomia, Ecologia and Self-Awareness Symposium points the way toward a simplification of self and self-managment that extends from the  home, to the environmnent and toward holistic self awareness.  For more information and to sign up for the Symposium click on Ekonomia, Ecologia and Self-Awareness Symposiums and Open House events.

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Picasso- Woman with a Fan


Returning Home To Self

Sometimes you are walking down the street, and you meet someone’s eyes, and the expression in that person’s eyes, stays with you for quite some time. This happened to me recently, actually a few years ago. I was walking in my neighborhood where I grew up here in Queens, New York, right in front of Baisley Pond Park. That’s the name of the pond, and it still is several blocks long to the east of us, where themorning sun continues to rise burning the fog off of it. I remember the old black fishermen with leather-smooth skin. These fishermen, would catch Catfish and frogs from it. I remember the pussy willows and cattails that grew along the ponds edges, I remember looking at the goldfish, the tadpoles, I remember the frogs and toads that would visit from time to time our backyard, the dragonflies and the firebugs in June. the butterflies, the occasional rabbit, I remember this, I grew up here. I remember riding my bike to the point specified and back again, and to the circle on the square, that ended right in front of my house, wherein, I would have to navigate the grassy meadow, lift myself over the low metal barricade, and cross the street to get to the house I lived in.


Repin- fisher girl

On Sutphin Blvd, west of my house and away from the pond, going toward Jamaica Avenue–there were some blocks where young black girls, who were dresssed provocatively, plied their trade. They were young enough to still have a sense of innocence about them, their wide brown eyes, searching, the eyes betraying a longing for something better, and their bravado betraying their fear.

Many years later, returning home after 28 years, walking down Sutphin Blvd, away from Jamaica Avenue, and toward the edge of the park where it borders, I came across a young woman. She could not have been more than fifteen years of age…she saw how I was dressed, (my friends say I dressed very conservatively) and her eyes reached out to me in such a way, my heart responded as if it had been cut. She was dressed in short-shorts and a sleeveless low-cut top; I could tell by the way she was walking that this may have been her first day, and the way she was looking around, I sensed that her pimp, may not have been far away. I wanted to say, yes, you don’t have to live that way…but at the time, I didn’t know how to help her. But I never forgot her.

the Prodigal Daughter Reflects

What We Aspire To

HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute wants to conduct socio-economic and cultural materialistic research that addresses how women make spiritual, psychological, and economic adaptive changes in their lives in terms of sustenance existence as well as how do they find meaningful, empowering and dignifying work. We want to be able to provide low cost opportunities toward learning skills that must first of all be used in the home, and that will, just as importantly, be transferable to the work environment.   To keep the cost of the Prodigal Daughter Course low and deal with Start-up costs to establish ourselves and in order to introduce ourselves to the social services community we are having a literary competition that is also a fundraiser.

An Appeal To Artists and the Artistically Inclined, Writers and Poets and Concerned Citizens

By entering the PraxisQuarterly Literary Review Fundraiser/Submission Acquisition Contest, you are affirming the dignity of every woman who has had to in some way sell her soul in order to feed her starving body, or the starving body of her child, who more than likely was born out of wedlock. You are saying that you support helping women learn healthy skills in order that they may be able to transition out of unhealthy livelihoods. The HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute knows that a

art that works for social change

A woman doesn’t have to have been born in poverty or near poverty conditions to experience psychological and/or any other type of abuse at the hands of her caretakers, either male or female, or both. The experience encountered is that women from all walks of life can be subjected to behaviours that demean her sense of self-worth as a human being and which can diminish her ability to function well as a productive member of her community. Thus we welcome any woman who wants to participate in any of the courses we offer. And we will charge the same low price to every woman, no matter what her background. These classes teach leadership skills as well as management skills, in the corporate world they run on average about 1899.99 for a 3-day course. At these prices,  people of different sensibilities and means, are usually priced out as far as being able to participate. The HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute offers a 5-week course, The Prodigal Daughter, that is, and will be 189.99 during Fall-Winter-Spring Sessions. We also will provide, in most cases, life- long low cost counseling and wellness support.

Help support us in our women centered and educational social services effort. We Will Greatly Appreciate Your Support!!!!



xenia lynn teresa williams
Founder/Executive Director
HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute


  • Ekonomia, Ecologia and Self-Awareness Symposium Open House

the Child Mother

the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute Blog, aka the Blog exist solely to engage its readers, and to address in word social issues affecting women, their families and their communities.

We are working on designing a symposium to introduce ourselves to the community  in Queens and in Manhattan, so be sure to come back and have a look at what we are doing.  We have approached Queens Women Center, and are looking forward to having a Open House with them in April, we are hoping the 15th of April.  On the 29th the Symposium will be held in Manhattan at TRS Professional Suite, and we are hoping to have on hand Single by Choice, an organization that works with single parents.

We invite expectant mothers, single and married, single mothers, to come to our Open House event for HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute, the Ekonomia, Ecologia and Self-Awareness Symposium that will feature a panel discussion on the environmental health issues facing women and their families as we enter into the 21st century.

The Open House will feature Hager Shawat, clinical researcher at Mount Sinai, community outreach organizer for the National Child Survey Program, and two of our providers, Dr. Julia Shost, and Dr. Claire Arcidiacono.  Yes, there will be a movie before hand, Daughters of the Dust, there will be vegan refreshments, and of course the Panel Discussion. This event is free, so bring yourself, relax and learn something in the process.  Best type of evenings, in my opinion.  Also you will be able to sign up for the Prodigal Daughter seminar at this time as well.   The Ekonomia, Ecologia and Self-Awareness symposium will be from 6:30 to 9:45pm.