Journal of Ekonomia

a journal of the study of the management of households and small scale economies from a woman’s perspective, exploring the spiritual, socio-economic and material cultural aspects, including health,  of women’s adaptations and contributions  within the economic culture of the societies they reside in. Quarterly Journal, launches TBA.  36.00, discounts for students and professionals in the field of cultural anthropology.

Journal of Ekonomia

Having said that, We are solicting for manuscripts for our Journal of Ekonomia (JOE), and you must be affiliated with an accredited higher education college or university as a graduate student, or professor or principle investigator or equivalent, ie, someone who is a professional provider within the field of interest in order to submit manuscripts.   Manuscripts will be adjusted to fit the AMA style where applicable  for all disciplines, including sociology, psychology and cultural anthropology, and are double spaced.

Exceptions: People who submit manuscripts and who do not meet standards above are invite only submissions  requested by staff of HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute.  JOE  will accept manuscripts at this time  in these areas of interest:

  • Women and Homelessness
  • Health and the Modern Family
  • Economics- Global and Local Impacts on Family Infrastructure
  • Geopolitics, Foreign Policy, and the State of the Family
  • Authority in the Household-How Is It Negotiated
  • Sex Trafficking in Africa and the Balkans
  • The Sacred in the Cultural-Material Lives of Women, documenting how different religious, ie,  the sacred traditions of indigenous peoples and peoples from developing and developed countries, guide the roles that women and men undertake in the economic sector, whether rural or urban,  and also how they adapt to environmental and cultural stresses to maintain or not to maintain the integrity of religious belief systems.
  • Exploring the Cultural Politics of Irredenta, personal identity, interpersonal relationship, local  and global manifestations

Please send manuscripts to

Deadline for reception of manuscripts  for Journal of Ekonomia is  1 September 2011.  Expected publications  debut for  both online magazine will be Winter, 2012.  At this time we offer online-only subcriber publications. Please include Curae Vitae with your submissions.