The Prodigal Daughter Course

The Prodigal Daughter Course – $220.00 Text books can be up to 122.00 more.

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Description of Class

This 6 week  immersion class teaches life management planning skills  for women from a holistic perspective in order to instill universal principles that can be transfered from home to work environment or to starting one’s own micro-business.   Students will be expected to journal and participate in the multi-dimensional immersion process of the curriculum. It is called the Prodigal Daughter Course, because the class emphasizes that no matter what your situation, you can learn these skills and principles while getting your life back on track .

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In this course you will :

  • Learn Basic Life Management  Planning Skills and Acquire Basic Bookkeeping Tools for Your Home
  • Have Access to Low Cost Financial and/or Psycho-Social counseling by Trained, and Licensed Providers
  • Walk Away With The Tools To Manage Your Life and Finances, Guaranteed.
  • Participate in a Small, Intimate Group – Course is Limited to 7 – 10 persons


  • Registration for Spring 2012 Classes will Begin in March, 2012 for Utica, New York. For Clients of the Family Place, the class begins the 23rd of April, 2012.
  •  For the General Public, these classes will begin the 25 April, 2012.  Both classes will be taught through the Family Place, a department of the Family Nurturing Center, Inc, In; Utica New York.
  • Registration for Fall, 2012 classes will being in July  2012, and and classes will begin  in September 2012, in Manhattan, Queens, and Utica.

About the Instructor

The HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute Prodigal Daughter Course was created to help women organize their household not with a corporate mindset, but with a communal and holistic mindset that emphasizes the care of the whole woman and her family and friends, that is, the community she resides in, both in terms of the social and ecological environment that she resides in. Xenia Lynn Teresa Williams has a BA degree from Evergreen State College, where she studied Philosophy of Science and its Cultural Contexts, and also studied Human Culture and Environment in Latin American which emphasised Cultural Transitions using Litearary,  Spiritual and Evolutionary models.   Her involvement in the Environmental Justice Movement, has help her to develop a keen sense of the interdependent relationships between economy, ecological systems, and the strengths of the woman within her family unit, and within the global community. She has been a participant, creator,  and facilitator of women’s groups for the last 10 years.
Fall 2012 Classes Begins and will also be announced  in July 2012 through our Ekonomia, Ecologia and Self-Awareness Symposium/Open Houses.  This Symposium will be advertised in Metro, am New York, Newsday, and the Ledger.  Please plan to come to the symposiums to meet our instructors and providers.
Free Classes!!!!
This course is free to clients who register through the Family Place in Utica, New York