PraxisQuarterly Literary Review

PraxisQuarterly Literary Review

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PraxisQuarterly. A literary review to promote the artistic !and creative side of women. Stories are focused on work and faith issues,  within a socio-economic and a cultural materialistic perspective, and drawn from principles from Eastern Orthodox Christian Theology. Once a year, we have a contest that explores different religions perspective on faith and work in the lives of women.  Quarterly Publication, 36.00 per year.

Launches in Summer, 2012

Welcome to the PraxisQuarterly Literary Review Fundraiser and Submission Acquisition Drive Contest! 

The Contest is Open to Men and Women.

Contest Theme:  The Following Theme will Be Our Contest Theme, every year:

The theme of the stories should be a study on the expression of the spiritual life in the mundane day to day lives of women, their families and their communities.  At this time we want to include stories from these four religious disciplines:

  • Christianity (including Eastern Orthodox Christianity)
  • Judaism,
  • Islamism
  • and Buddhism.
  • Atheism (we are interested in how the atheistic mind navigates the mundane day to day as well, and welcome submissions to the magazine).

Some examples of writing subjects to consider is:

Three  Subject Areas of the  Ekonomia of one’s spiritual life,  in other words,  how one marshalls  the  intellectual, physical, and the hear   in managing one’s  spiritual life:

  1. the work of acquiring faith in one’s particular religion or philosophy
  2. how faith helps one through tough economic times
  3. how faith helps one to believe in oneself
  4. how faith helps one to interact with other cultures and the spiritual/cultural work thereof to do so

How to Submit and CopyRights

Disclaimer: Please do not send your originals. Only email submissions are accepted.  A very good reproduction  of your original art work and ficition (double spaced) is all that is needed with your bio or curae vitae. Works submitted without curae vitae or bios will be rejected.  All Artists (fiction writers and visual artists) Retain All Rights to their Original Works and Reproductions thereof sent in; however, we will not be returning any submissions, and also reserve the non-exclusive right to use these works in either of our three magazines, and will give proper and immediate  and notice for such usage.

We are looking forward to your submissions in these five categories:

  • Art Prints, Illustrations, Watercolours, Oil Paintings
  • Art Prints: Etchings
  • 5 – 25 page double spaced Short Stories (we are tending to the shorter versions)
  • Haikus or Other Very Short Poetic Forms  (no longer than 14 lines)
  • Photographs

Please include your name, address, phone number and email, your faith, and the title of your artwork. We want to be able to inform you when you win!!!! ;)

Any pornographic images will be immediately forwarded to the relevant authorities, without exception, so please do not submit any thing that is  pornographic.  Take your cue from established artists of yore such as Manet, Botticelli, Repin, Picasso, etcetera. We are looking for work that empowers women, not degrade or objectifies them.

All images should be sent to

All written creative  work and poetry should be sent to

By donating your $5.00 , signing the Petition and sending in your submissions,  you indicate that you are at least 18 years of age and that you understand the terms of the PraxisQuarterly Literary Review Fundraising and Submission Acquisition Drive Contest.  We Look Forward To Your Submissions!!!  We Do Appreciate Your Support!!!!  Thank you!


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