Entreaty To The Theotokos – Jerusalem Posters

 The Mother of God Jerusalem Icon – Available For Purchase in Poster Format

Image of Theotokos at Her Sepulchre in Jerusalem



Dear Friends, 

I am very happy to share this poster with you, and am very grateful to the St. Xenia Skete, in Wildwood, California,  who blessed me to be able to take this image which was made for them by a Fr. James, and was hanging in their office.   Mother Theofania, saids that this particular image of the Mother of God, which hangs in Jerusalem over her sepulchre, is considered to be the one which looks the most like her as she would have appeared living.

In gratitude for blessing me to use this icon with the inscription by Abbess Rufona, to raise operating funds for HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute,  I am donating 25% of the proceeds to the St. Xenia Skete.  

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Abbess Rufona’s Testament of the Mother of God: 

“No matter what sorrow might befall you, no matter what sickness might strike you, no matter how unbearable your family life might be, no matter how unstable your position at work–in all these circumstances turn to the Queen of Heaven, and with tears beg her to help, and She, our Sovereign Lady, will hear you and help you in everything. Remember, that for Her, there is nothing impossible.”

Dear Friends, Following are the Designs of the Poster which is available in  three sizes, and also are the Postcard and the Wallet Size Versions of this Icon of the Mother of God-Jerusalem:






Entreaty To The Mother of God

This is the most faithful reproduction
 of the Poster that I saw at the St. Xenia Skete.
It will be available in three sizes:
8.5 x 10
10 x 13.5
11 x 17
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Poster Sizes,






Entreaty to the Theotokos: 4.25 x 6.00 inches




This is the PostCard Version.

It will have minimum

printing on the back.

Entreaty To The Theotokos Jerusalem Postcard





Slim Wallet Size Version 1.75 x 3.50

This is the Wallet Sized Version.  I decided on a slim card

so that it would fit more easily in the

billfold or any wallet card compartment.

Entreaty To The Theotokos Jerusalem-Wallet Size








Mother of God Icon at Jerusalem–Some Stories About this Icon which Occurred Recently

Hope you like these.  There were some recent miracles regarding this Icon, perhaps you may have heard of them.  Elizabeth from Jordanville, just told me about them.  One miraculous incident  is that  a lady went to the Icon in Jerusalem (it tours in the Middle Eastern Area) and wanted to give to the Mother of God – Jerusalem her wedding ring to adorn the Icon as a expression of reverence, and was in line and having a hard time taking the ring off of her finger.  When the woman, feeling a bit distraught, got up to the the Icon, the Mother of God herself,  hand came from the Icon and took the ring off of the lady’s finger, in the presence of many witnesses.  It shows that these simple gifts of piety are accepted by our Lord Jesus Christ, and our Sovereign Lady.

The second is that her Sepulchre was flooded with sewage, and the Icon, raised itself up above the sewage so that it was not defiled by it.  I like this story, as it seems to me to have a meaning to it, that we should raise ourselves above the sewage-media we encounter in our lives.  Slava Bogu!!!!
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