PraxisQuarterly Literary Review Fundraiser and Submission Acquisitions Contest Fundraiser Put On Hold, NewStart Date TBA

We’ve temporarily ceased the literary submission drive fundraiser  If you want to donate directly to our Second Campaign or Directly to HSEKI, please see links below. :)

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Welcome Writers, Poets, Visual Artists, including Illustrators, ArtPrint Etching Folks, Photographers and those who are Mono Lithographers! Please Enter Contest to Win $50, 3rd Prize, $75 2nd Prize, or $100 1st Prize, for each catergory of work (see details) inspired by Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Buddhism, additionally, you will win publication of your shortfiction, short poem, or visual artwork in the PraxisQuarterly Literary Review, a new New York Based Online Literary Magazine, published by the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute!, and subscription to online magazine for two years!!!! Free!The HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute (HSEKI) is a social business in start-up phase, and we hope to launch our PraxisQuarterly Literary Review magazine in Winter 2012, and our class the Prodigal Daughter Course in Fall 2011 and need your help!  We have two campaigns that are using Crowdsource Fund  principles in order to gain members, to raise start-up funds and to gain art submissions for our social business, the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute,  from the Internet. 

Just By Entering, Everyone gets two (2) free subscription to the Online Literary Magazine PraxisQuarterly Literary Review!!!
 The First Campaign  is our PraxisQuarterly Literary Review Fundraiser and Submission Acquisitions Contest. The PraxisQuarterly Literary Review magazine is a fine art magazine focused on stories of women’s economic adaptations, struggles, and aspirations as it relates to family and community within a spiritual context , and we welcome your support to get it off the presses and into the hands of the public!  We hope to have this fundraiser every year to solicit stories from diverse Faiths, while during the non-contest period, we will publish only Eastern Orthodox Christian inspired stories. This contest will help us to provide scholarships for participants.  For more information on how you can contribute your $5.00 donation, and enter your artwork, please read the guidelines here:

Please sign the petition as you donate as a way to publicaly document your donation and your submission!!!  And to show your support!!!!

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The HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute will operate as a social services  lay organization using a social business model.

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