Pulling It All Together

The founder of this site, although she has attended college, earning a BA at Evergreen State College, is not a typical principal investigator/researcher. This site and its company the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute was created from the personal experiences of witnessing the struggle of key women in her life who have struggled with poverty as they try to access services because of past traumatic experiences, at risk behaviours, and psycho-social impediments. The creator has seen how the delivery process of these services actually created more trauma for the woman seeking the services.

The HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute is dedicated to improving the lives of women, their families, and their communities by offering courses, workshops, groups and seminars that addresses all areas of a woman’s life cycle and her socio-economic and cultural material realities of the modern and transitional world, including her ability to access healthcare and mental healthcare. The first course we are offering is The Prodigal Daughter, which introduces women (no matter what their walk in life) to management principles and bookkeeping skills that can be used in the home and that will transfer well in the economic sphere of livelihood whether they pursue self-employment or seek to be employed.

Important to HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute, we hope to be able to offer cutting edge research into the socio-economic and material culture of women and their families, and their communities , and to provide forums to discuss and present research results to policy analysts, and other entities and organizations dedicated to the improvement of women and their families in society. We hope to be able to study the lives of women in the suburbs, in the cities, in farming and other rural communities, and in the home and work environments. We seek to cut across racial centric and ethno centric perspectives while qualitatively and quantitatively collecting data that demonstrates the influence of such realities on the lives of women, but we seek a more profound analyses in interpretating the data. We seek to go beyound these qualities and categories, in order to discover the essential human struggle of the human spirit as it seeks to make a way in what is mostly a ‘man-made’ world, pun not intended. We believe that both men and woman can create, maintain and fight against oppressive infrastrutural and structural substrates of society.  Thus, understanding inequalities and the injustices that are associated with them mandates the role of the various ways women and men buy in to oppressive systems whether they are masters, freemen, or slaves.

We also seek to partner with like minded individuals and organizations, who are dedicated to the advancement of the spiritual and physical health of women, and members of their families, while increasing their success in socio-economic spheres of livelihood.

Please feel free to look around the site. We are encouraging all to come back from time to time and see what we are doing at HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute to make it friendly, useful and informative to women whether they are researchers, employers, employees, craftspeople, professionals, artists, inventors, mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, aunts, cousins, and whether they are struggling on the streets, or making ends meet within the home. We are definitely referring to small scale economies, that which exist in households and/or homes, villages, and communities with between n – 100,000 persons, whether in rural or urban settings. For research purposes we may create artificial geographic boundaries based on collected data. Most importantly, this site recognizes the contribution of women in society without dismissing the contribution of the men in the lives of these women, by seeking to conduct research on the interdependent nature of the male/female relationship in society as it relates to economics, socio-materialism and as it relates to health, reproductive health, and healthcare.

The goal of its first educational offering is to strengthen management skills and bookkeeping skills within the home, and to address this from a holistic perspective that recognizes the special challenges some women may have when they are emerging from a traumatic past or experience, have a past history of engaging in at risk behaviours, and are learning to overcome psycho-social impediments.

This site, really is dedicated to a special person in my life, who I am just now learning to understand–my mom.

xenia lynn teresa williams
the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute