Mission Statement and Vision

The HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute is committed to providing The Prodigal Daughter Course as a resource in helping women learn household management skills, bookkeeping skills, and basic systemic filing skills.We are equally committed to providing a support system that they have lifelong access to in order that they can overcome psycho-social, emotional and economic barriers to adapting these skills in an integrative way, developing healthy management skills that help them to create or make use of economic realitites in their environments.

 Dedicated to the study of the material and socio-economic culture of women, their families and their communities, The HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute seeks to integrate cultural anthropological tools to study and empower women and men in all aspects of their lives. We are not merely participant observers, we are policy analysts, and providers of educational services to help people make a livelihood that supports the dignity of the human soul.

The HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute recognizes that, as with men, women’s roles in society are often within two spheres, the home and the workplace, and thus encompasses the private as well as the public. Women’s recent entry into public life serves as a type of symbol of the increasing exteriority of private life, and as such, gives a unique opportunity to study how this effects women’s subjective and objective role in the experiences of making a livelihood, within the context of the material socio-economic culture of women, their families and their communities, and how these spheres of relationships are effected by the larger global community and the health services industry.

The HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute’s main mandate is to conduct research and publish research results primarily from a female-centered orientation. The principle and definitive perspective of analysis is influenced by  Anthropological- Medical Geographical Empirical Methodologies, but as written from an Eastern Orthodox Christian paradigm. The site is not under the jurisdiction of any particular Eastern Orthodox Christian Diocese or any other Eastern  Orthodox Christian Charitable Organization although we welcome partnerships for specific endeavours with such entities. We are not a non-profit, nor plan to incorporate as such.

The second mandate follows from the first and is integral to our mission in serving women and helping them to beome productive, efficient, and informed  household managers. In conducting and publishing research  we will use research results to create and to provide informed educational and support opportunities that help women and men proactively attain a livelihood within and outside of the home, to attain relevant healthcare for the entire family, and to sustainably  manage how they make a economic choices for themselves, their families and their communities.

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