Ekonomia,Ecologia and Anthropologia

the Prodigal Daughter

HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute will be presenting periodically  Symposium called Ekonomia, Ecologia and Anthropologia- How The Prodigal Daughter Begins to Return Home to Self. This event, which includes  the  movie, Daughters of the Dust, and a panel discussion on the topic of returning to home within the self reflects how and why it is important that women manage their household, and finances in a way that completely honours the integrity of their being, and their environoment,  holistically.

Topics of the Panel Discussion will also include: How does taking care of yourself reflect how you take care of your family, and the community you reside in? What are the environmental issues that are affecting women and the choices they make in order to make a living in the earth in the 21st century. How does dealing with past traumatic experiences, and past at-risk behaviours sabotage your best abilities to take care of yourself, and what can you do to change those behaviours. What should we be aware of as women as we navigate Ekonomia, Ecologia, and Self-Awareness?

This One Evening  3.5 hour Event Will Be Held at the TBA  at a later date:  Vegan and Vegetarian Refreshments will be Served, and it is Free to register for the series of one evening events, which will also serve as registration and orientation for the 5 Week Prodigal Daughter Seminar.

Call 541 321 3545,