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Prepping for Bread Classes

just to let you know:  we are going to be teaching a bread class, ie, growing the barley, threshing it, grinding it, baking it and finally eating it!!!! Saturday, I went to the garden to put it to bed finally, and you can see the marigolds there and the green stuff, I think that was celery…and this is December!  I decided to keep the lettuce there, in order to go back and have some for the table; , and i put the fall leaves in the plot, so that when the rains came it will be easy to turn into the soil, and I put the cover back on they can decompose.   My hope is to be able to get some more compost to turn into the soil, and have it be really ready for the barley, which i am planning to plant mid-to late March, depending on the weather.   So keep checking back, and I will be putting up posts of our progress!

Just before cleaning it up

Just before cleaning it up

Artist Taghi Omidian to Give 2nd Workshop At UPL

HSEKI was instrumental in helping Taghi Omidian teach beginning art classes at the Utica Public Library.  The next classes will be Aug. 18, and 25th, and Sept. 1st, 15th, and 22nd.


HSEKI received this year a plaque from the New York Department of Health for our participation and contribution to the Community Garden Project here in Utica, New York.


So slowly but surely we are making an a dream a reality.



Artist/Outside Collective and Drama Group

We have been meeting for three weeks at the Utica Public Library. So very excited about this and discovering the unique talents of the Utica Artists!

Check Out our Ekonomia, Ecologia and Self Awareness Symposium

In the new age of women’s empowerment, many of us feel a bit out of sorts and are trying to navigate self within the realm of so many possibilities.  The Ekonomia, Ecologia and Self-Awareness Symposium points the way toward a simplification of self and self-managment that extends from the  home, to the environmnent and toward holistic self awareness.  For more information and to sign up for the Symposium click on Ekonomia, Ecologia and Self-Awareness Symposiums and Open House events.