Film Director Stephanie Black comes to Utica

A Captivating Movie About Bondage to Debt in Jamaica

Friday, 02 December 2011,

Two Venues

Doors Open at 6pm, Ms. Black speaks at 6:30pm, and Movie begins at 7pm,

Panel Discussion at 8:30p.


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Based on “A small place” by Jamaica Kincaid.
Originally produced in 2001.

Cinematography, Malik Sayeed … [et al.] ; editor, John Mullen.
Interviews with Michael Manley, Stanley Fisher, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
Jamaica – land of sea, sand and sun. And a prime example of the complexities of economic globalization on the world`s developing countries. Using conventional and non-conventional documentary techniques, this searing film dissects the “mechanism of debt” that is destroying local agriculture and industry in Third World countries while substituting sweat-shops and cheap imports. With a voice-over narration written by Jamaica Kincaid, adapted from her non-fiction book “A Small Place”, LIFE AND DEBT is an unapologetic look at the “new world order,” from the point of view of Jamaican workers, farmers, government and policy officials who see the reality of globalization from the ground up.


Women with Bananas at Market

About the Director:

Stephanie Black has won awards both here in the United States and in France for her documentary films. Notably, she has won best place for her documentary film H2 – Worker at the prestigious international Cannes Film Festival.


Where to See The Documentary Life and Debt


Life and Debt, Catered Dinner 02 December 2011, Doors Open at 6pm; 1st venue

the Resource Center for Independent Living – Dorothy Smith Advocacy $25.00:

The Film begins at 7pm, Stephanie Black, Speaks at 6.30 with live feed at Ukranian Hall.

The 1st venue: RCIL-Life and Debt, Catered Dinner, will feature a Jamaican dinner designed by Debra Richardson, program director of Leaf, Loaf and Ladle, and will be catered by students’ of the program’s Hospitality students. Stephanie Black will be present at the RCIL venue, and a live feed will go to the Ukrainian Hall, and participants there will be able to participate in Panel Discussion Q & A, after the movie.

2nd venue:Ukrainian Hall- Life and Debt, General Admission 02 December 2011 Doors Open at 6pm;
The Ukrainian Hall,-General Admission 12.50, will have available Jamaican inspired deserts made by staff of the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute. Community members from Utica will speak on the panel after the movie. This event is part of the Ekonomia, Ecologia and Sustainability Symposium offered by the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute. The theme this year is Global Trends on Family Economics and Family Health. This should be a very educational and delicious time for all involved.

Friday, 02 December 2011, Doors Open at 6pm, Ms. Black speaks at 6:30, and Movie begins at 7pm, Panel Discussion at 8:30p.

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