PraxisQuarterly Literary Review and Membership Drive Off To Slow Start


When I was in Eugene, recently,  I had a fundraising consultation with friend, Eric Dahl concerning the PraxisQuarterly Literary Review.  He made a very good observation. We don’t have a product to show to people in terms of our magazines…Just the name.  This is one thing that I am seeking to remedy. After that conversation,  I have conducted two interviews, one with an Orthodox supporter of Community Sustainable Agriculture Jeremy Johns, and another with an artist in California who has a unique gift in creating art with an Iconic style using a burnt-etching wood technique.

Also I am developing other stories,  I will try and have samples of the Ekonomos Weekly in the next four weeks with these stories.

Until then, I am suspending the poet submission campaign, and the membership drive.  The Poet Submission Campaign will resume in the future.

I am a little stretched, so please forgive me, and thank you all for your support!!!!  It is so much very appreciated. We are talking to a potential boardmember, and I am meeting with two other potential contributors of the Ekonomos Weekly, one a psychologist, and another a sigma project planner manager at a major bank.

Two New People On Board

In other developments we are working on meeting with Vivyan Adair, noted welfare reform scholar, and we want to thank Tiffany King for being interested in helping low income women organize their space.  And she comes with great credentials.  Also I want to thank Valerie Laubenheimer for agreeing to help with graphics and promotions!!!!!

Commitment to the Social Business Model

We will update you regularly about the various start-up seed/& development fundraising projects we have going on.  It is very hard for social business model organizations to raise funds in this difficult time and age, especially someone not coming from a privileged background but a background which I understand is known as life recovery, (thanks to Bryan Dahms of the FOCUS North America organization for educating on that regard)–which means from your experience you have learnt something that can be shared with others, who have went through what you have gone through.  Nonetheless, I am committed to the social business model, and HSEKI is  finding funding avenue streams that is not dependent on HSEKI being an 501(c) non profit.  Nonetheless,  HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute is committed to having board members/advisors be a part of our social business model, but we will not be incorporating as a non-profit at this time.

Start Date of  Prodigal Daughter Course

We have pushed back the start of the The Prodigal Daughter Class because we have been forced to be focused on fundraising efforts-and a potentially fatal illness in my biological family-but we are committed to teaching the first class through the Family Place, in April 2012.



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