Fracking, HydroFracking, Drilling and NordStream

Yesterday I attended a Hydro-Fracking Panel Discussion at Utica College, and it was a good thing. I don’t have time to talk about this in depth, but my conclusion is this.  We don’t need to sell our natural gas to Europe, we need to be able to use it ourselves.  Russia is already a supplier through their underwater pipeline NordStream. Europe is their backyard.  We have our own supply, why sell it over seas, and in the process ruin our environment and health, and nonetheless, it we can use it more cheaply here, locally.  I think municipalities should take control of the resources in their area; the only reason we are pursuing a strategy of selling to Canadian and Norwegian firms so they can sell to Europe is this pursuit of wealth, instead of pursuit of quality of life.

We have a glut of natural gas in the United States, (in the world as well) and we should see that as a blessing, and use it to fuel our local economies in a responsible manner.  More on this, later.  My conclusion:  Focus on creating strong economic families, not on pursuing wealth in order to buy  bombs!  The best defense of a nation is the health of its families’ economies! Why go to war over who gets what markets, if there is glut of gas  all over the world?



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