What We Are About: Women and Their Families


Arab Women Working Hand Mill, c.1940-1960

Welcome to the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute.  We are a women centered research institute that provide educational resources and access to social services  for women, their families and their communities, both natural and societal. We are not a non-profit, nor intend to incorporate as such.

  • We offer the Prodigal Daughter Course which teaches household management skills to women, using wholistic methods and techniques
  • We conduct Women Centered Cultural Anthropological Research that looks at diverse economic systems employed in household worldwide
  • We will be publishing three magazines: The Ekonomos Weekly, The Journal of Ekonomia and the PraxisQuarterly Literary Review
  • We organize the Ekonomia, Ecologia, and Sustainablity Symposiums
  • We also put on annual conferences dedicated to exploring global economic trends and their impact on micro-economies such as households.  Our first conference is slated for March, 2013

We look forward to being able to serve Utica, New York and the the greater New York City community,  by providing women centered cultural anthropological research  in the areas of:

  •  cultural materialistic adaptive strategies in making a living,
  • human health and environmental justice and its impact on reproductive strategies of women and men;
  • the health of the modern family as they navigate socio-economic  events and attempt to access medical and mental health care,
  •  women’s strategic  adaptations  in a rapidly changing world in maintaining their households, raising their kids, and creating pro-active bonds with the men in their lives.

You will notice we tend to repeat ourselves, but feel it is necessary–for we feel this is a very unique pairing of cultural anthropology, women studies, and the socio-economic realities of the modern age.  By incorporating a social services aspect to our institute, we hope to promote relevant research and create programs that address the needs of people struggling to make ends meet in quickly changing environments.

The Prodigal Daughter Course: Helps women learn skills to better manage their households. The goal is not to create mere workers, but to help women learn skills by which the can create economic opportunities from their homes, or exploit economic realities in their environment in a way that supports their ability to live a well-ordered life.  Classes begin Fall, 2011.

Research Philosophies and Strategies:  We subscribe to Cultural Materialistic  Research Principles and Strategies, with an understanding of  the dialectic as a form of ecologic,  community and societal process that reflects the holistically social and biologic creature that is man. Our second departure from secular Cultural Materialism is that we understand that the spiritual state of man determines the state of his cultural structures and infrastructural appendages and how he relates to and cultivates his environmnent.  Our research is woman-centric, but it never forgets the essential complementary and interdependent relationship between women, men and their children, and the effects of those relationships on the environment. We are serious about research, but we want to be accessible to the average woman on the street.

Fund Our Social Enterprise: We Are Making Bread To Make Bread For the HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute! Visit us at the Utica Public Library and at the Utica Coffee Roasting Company and support HeartSoul Ekonomia Institute. Visit us at xenOikos Bread Company